28 May

Recovery Commission Urges Concerted Approach To Reconstructing UK Economy

The UK Government should seize “a historic opportunity for a reset” in the post-pandemic economy, according to a

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22 Feb

Insolvency Statistics Cover Awful Facts For UK Business

Last year’s compressed corporate insolvency statistics conceal the reality of the state of the UK economy.

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27 Nov

Study finds inadequacies in payment procedures that result to business-wide loss

As we head into a second national lockdown, never has the efficient and effective management of finances been mor

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27 Oct

Deloitte Associates Face £19m Insolvency Litigation

Relationship between insolvency practitioners and banks under spotlight again.

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27 Oct

HMRC’s Crown Preference Scares Away Rescue Finance Creditors

Companies will have more trouble raising funds with floating charges as HMRC’s preferential status puts off lenders.

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