People in Practice

28 Aug

BDO And Grant Thornton Hire New Partners

Grant Thornton and BDO have appointed new partners.

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27 May

IRS adjusts law on maximum-vehicle-value

The IRS intends to revise its regulations to make them consistent with the recent statutory changes to the automobile price inflatio

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19 Mar

Building A Legacy Is More Significant, But It Does Not Signify Your Thoughts

Business has changed, and so has what it means to create a valuable legacy.

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27 Feb

Should accounting organizations Increase their fees?

From PwC to flinder: Accountancy Age speaks with one of the co-founders of flinder about the world of accounting and how the main issues boil down to price

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20 Dec
15 Dec

Not only is the potential of women at stake but the potential of accountancy too

Jean Stephens, CEO of RSM International, outlines the case for gender diversity in the accountancy industry 

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