31 Mar

Developing Your Auditing Practice In 2021

Accounting technology has the power to unlock long-term growth in 2021, according to Tom Kelly, accountancy & employment services lead at Modulr.


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04 Nov

Accountants Under Pressure To Process Claims Associated With Payroll

Thousands of government scheme applications means accountants face extreme pressure to submit clients’ claim on time.

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04 Nov

KPMG Fined £700,000 by FRC For Poor Audit Work

The FRC has fined KPMG UK £700,000 and reprimanded KPMG UK’s former senior partner for Manchester, Nicola Quayle for a “failure to apply sufficient professional scepticism” in the audit of an unnamed company in th

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04 Nov

FRC Postpones Thomas Cook Probe To Added Financial Reports Audited By EY

The UK’s audit and accountancy watchdog has announced it will expand its investigation into EY’s auditing of Thomas Cook’s financial statements to include another year’s worth of financial statements.

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01 Oct

How tech. is changing the audit sector

Key technological trends and obstacles within the accountancy sector are having a huge impact on pricings, operational efficiencies and customer experience.

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13 Aug

Sections Of Audit To Change Based On PwC Paper

Accountancy firms are looking at ways to improve the quality of the audits they undertake to restore confidence in the industry, and PwC’s report comes after an 8-month study which it hopes will address many of the concerns surrounding audit.

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05 Feb

Ernst & Young To Boost Audits Through Independent Board

EY are responding to calls for independence among the Big Four accounting firms

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09 Jan

Aston Martin Quests For New Accountant As KPMG Turns Down Chance To Re-Pitch

Aston Martin is hunting for a new auditor as KPMG has declined the opportunity to re-pitch for the job, 

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28 Dec

KPMG Outshines PwC And Takes The Lead In FTSE 100 Audit Sector

PwC now audits only 27 of the FTSE 100 companies while fellow 

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16 Jul

Top companies that need to enhance review practice

The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has led inquire about the main six bookkeeping companies' review quality, taking a gander at PwC, EY, Deloitte,  KPMG, BDO and Grant Thornton. 

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