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02 Sep

PwC Auditor Caught With 1,700 Upskirting Pictures On Phone

‘High flying’ Leon Chan, 24, was spotted by a security guard in Topshop on Oxford Street acting suspiciously, loitering around women with his iPhone on New Years Day.

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30 Jul

RSM’s Expansion In China Will Lead To 40% Growth

A Chinese member firm of RSM is currently finalizing a merger with a significant part of anot

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27 May

Tips On How To Update Your LLP Contract

Fergus Payne, partner and head of the partnerships and LLPs practice group at law firm Lewis Silkin LLP, e

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15 Apr

Major Audit scandals in Year 2018

Financial crises are as old as the financial industry itself, but the number of high-profile corporate collapses in 2018, allied with a trio of major reviews into the audit industry,

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30 Dec

Is Allowing Stakeholders Select Auditors Significant for Reform?

As timing goes for outlining his ideas for empowering investors as a way to improve the audit process, John

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20 Jan

BDO Derails Big 4 To Retain Leading Position As Aim Auditor

Listings have mainly held strong, with PwC's customers usually having the highest industry cap.

The most recent from Adviser Scores demonstrate that in Q4 auditor ratings have in general held strongly.

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29 Nov

Exactly Where Is Your Future Buyer Coming From?

Fifty Five percent of data processing and economic solutions companies assign some kind of advertising funds annually, however 1 in 10 companies don’t understand exactly where their start-up business enquiries originate from

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08 Jun

SoulCycle: A purposeful central point on culture

SoulCycle has turned into a wellness marvel, growing to 73 studios across the country since its establishing in 2006. It’s mainstream with shoppers as well as with planned workers to some extent due to its group situated culture, stated Michelle Grossman, CPA, chief of money related announcing at SoulCycle and an individual from its way of life board of trustees.

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24 Mar

BDO hits technology joint venture with Receipt Bank

BDO and Receipt Bank, the accounting proficiency supplier, have signed a technology joint venture, it's been reported.


Receipt Bank stated that the partnership will incorporate its “market top equipment and procedure consulting with BDO’s group of expert advisors and regional systems to supply a technology-driven, value-focused support for enterprises all around the UK”.

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