Practice Regulation

17 Sep

Bookkeeping for sustainability

Companies, managers and accountants have traditionally been interested in a single de facto bottom line - profit - but business leaders are no longer satisfied solely with financial performance - sustainable transparency and progress on environmental, social and governance iss

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20 Dec

Chairman: PwC auditor Took only 2 hours on BHS audit

In a damning email circulated to PwC partners, Kevin Ellis said Steve Denison spent only two hours on the audit and backdat

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17 Dec

Should you employ experienced professionals or graduates?

Finding a new candidate costs a business £3,300 on average, according to a 

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15 Dec

RSM Hires 2 New Regional Managers

John Taylor becomes regional managing partner for the firm's Southern region while Alex Tait takes over Scotland & Northern Ireland 

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17 Jun

Kingston smith Obtains Fabric business

Cruz has purchased outlet agency Anderson & Pennington.


Anderson & Pennington specializes in media fun round the cinema, popular music, movie and TV sectors. The twenty five individuals presently at the company will sign up for Kingston’s Cruz West End group, building up the very best twenty firm’s press solutions.


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22 Apr

Grant Thornton uncovers R&D advancement group

Grant Thornton has declared the production of a R&D advancement group in the Liverpool office with a specific end goal to bolster the science, innovation and programming areas in the city.


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08 Apr

More than 800 employments spared as Endless LLP procures Jones Bootmaker

UK individual shareholder Endless LLP has procured the high road retailer Jones Bootmaker in an arrangement finished on 24 March.


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